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Carlovan's Ohene BA Dress - CARLOVAN

Carlovan's Ohene BA Dress

From Regular price $159.95

Red Mante - CARLOVAN

Red Mante

From Regular price $149.95

All Red mangi - CARLOVAN

All Red mangi

Regular price $159.99

Your Highness Eguee - CARLOVAN

Your Highness Eguee

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Unisex Short Sleeve T-Shirt - CARLOVAN

Unisex Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Ladies' T-shirt - CARLOVAN

Ladies' T-shirt

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Unisex  Tank Top - CARLOVAN

Unisex Tank Top

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Women's V-Neck T-shirt - CARLOVAN

Women's V-Neck T-shirt

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Neon Bead  Lion Head Necklace - CARLOVAN

Neon Bead Lion Head Necklace

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Wall clock - CARLOVAN

Wall clock

From Sale price $34.00 Regular price $44.00

Lion Pendant & Necklace for Women/Men - CARLOVAN

Lion Pendant & Necklace for Women/Men

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Box Chain Bracelet - CARLOVAN

Box Chain Bracelet

Sale price $23.61 Regular price $27.68

Carlovan Foundation

People are drawn to giving back to a cause in which they feel is worthy.Carlo Van donates a percentage of its profit to orphanages in Africa to help them build their future. Usually doing so emotionally and without the needed experience or ability to witness the beauty of giving.