Welcome to Carlovan Fashion, a Massachusetts-based clothing and accessories company for quality handmade fashion pieces with affordable price tags and timeless appeal.

Carlovan was born in 2010. Rufai Kasim, a Ghanaian-American based in Massachusetts,  created a brand based on  Faith and Motivation that will give people Hope. He then came up with the unique idea  of creating smart fusion wear with African and modern influences. He nurtured his idea into a fashion brand called Carlovan (Carlo – manly; Van – lead) and created a logo featuring a lion to convey qualities of strength and leadership, and also the African connection of the brand.

Today, Carlovan has a dedicated clientele that loves its distinctive clothing and accessories. Painstakingly handmade in Ghana by Ghanain craftspersons, these high fashion and seasonal items have a unique look that’s several cuts above the regular mass produced, store bought merchandise.

Not only this. Carlovan is pure fashion with true conscience. A percentage of all its profit  goes to a worthy charity working in Africa. Carlovan Clothing is not just a clothing brand but rather represent Courage, Unity and Strength.