Unique Handmade Colored Clothing


Want To Stand Out In The Crowd? Try Wearing Colored Clothing 

If grays, blacks and whites fill your wardrobe, and blending-in-the-background sadly defines your life, it is time you tried out colored clothing to stand out and feel good about yourself.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Trust us; it works.

Thinking beyond black, gray and white

Ever think why so many people in US stick to stock hues of white, black and gray? Sadly, most people are conformists who live life in the background. In contrast, those who like to sport colors are likely to have more confidence in themselves. Don’t believe this? Color psychology is a well established field. Check with a psychologist who will confirm that colors have impact on mood. Green soothes (waiting rooms are often green), orange invigorates (preferred by fast food chains as it makes people hungrier), red stokes passion (color of romance and seduction), yellow uplifts mood (brings warmth, energizes body and mind), blue brings serenity (can cause mild dampening of spirits). The effect of colors is the same, be it your room’s walls or the clothes you are wearing.

To sum up, what color you wear has an impact on how you feel and how others perceive you.

Wear color with pride and joy

Human beings have known about the effect of colors for thousands of years (think colorful war paint, headdresses and robes). People in Africa (and parts of Asia too) wear bright colors regularly. They are some of the jolliest and happiest people you can meet. Think of it; wear your regular boring blacks, grays and whites and you are like everyone around. Add a hint (or a load) of color – think bright colored tees, hoodies, tank tops, dresses, caps or bandannas – and you will catch all eyes. Standout effect, right!

Not so adventurous? Mix color with basics

If you are eager to try out colored clothing but still have a touch of reserve, we suggest mixing it up with your regular clothing. Wear a white tee but top it with a colored open shirt. Wear a bright printed dress but accessorize it with a sober shrug in black. By and by, you will become more adventurous with trying out colors all ablaze.

Colored clothing at Carlo Van

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Check out colored clothing at Carlo Van Clothing  and just attract all eyes and stand out wherever you go!