Hand made African piece

Our Upcoming Unique African Clothing 

Summer is back with us again. Yeah! Now is the best time for you to express your African identity with the trendiest African fashion in the world. As you all know, getting the right African clothing that would bring our your A-game in fashion is not an easy task. That’s why we have decided to intimate you with our upcoming unique African clothing that would complement your beauty and personality.

What You Should Be Expecting from Us Soon

African clothing made with African print fabrics is currently vogue in the fashion community. Top celebrities like Beyoncé Knowles, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Gwen Steffani have helped African print fabrics to gain more traction in the fashion industry. Because of this and the requests we’ve been getting from clients, we’ve come up with many creative designs using the following range of African clothing:

African Print Skirts for Women: If you are a fan of handmade skirts, you will be spoiled with choices very soon. All our African pencil skirts, African mini skirts, and African maxi skirts come with a unique combination of vibrant colors that will complement your tops and hats.

African Print Tops for Women: Some of our upcoming African print tops are long-sleeved, tiered-sleeved, and short-sleeved. And if you want your blouse to have one or two pockets, we also got you covered. Regardless of your body size or complexion, rest assured that our handmade African print tops will fit your body effortlessly.

African Embroidered Grand Boubou for Men: There is no better way to show your friends the pride of African masculinity than to wear our boubou. Some of our forthcoming African boubous are laced with intricate gold or silver embroidery. The complete package includes the boubou outer garment, the kufi hat, the pants, and the top. Each one has artistic prints that complement the others, thus making you an object of the spectacle when you wear it to an event.

African Print Dashiki Shirt: We are already working on a range of African print dashiki shirt that represents your heritage in a modern way. Apart from the fact that they are made from 100% cotton, what makes our African print short-sleeved or long-sleeved dashiki shirts stand out from the crowd is the spectacular neckline, sleeve and print center front applique.

Bottom Line

Wearing African clothing this summer is the perfect way to showcase your African heritage. Doing this would not cost you an arm and a leg. Trust us, all our upcoming African clothing will be affordable. And the quality of all our African attires will not be compromised. So, if you care so much about class, elegance, poise and uniqueness, now is the time to start saving cash for Carlovan African clothing.