Carlo Van’s exciting new ‘Summer Collection’

Keeping in line with the expression of African identity, Carlo Van looks forward to bringing new excitement this summer through the launch of its new range for men and women, which fuses African tradition with contemporary designs and cuts. The sensational new summer collection promises to deliver sleek, athletically inspired clothing resonating with the intersection of innovation and comfort. Think tracksuits, jerseys and tank tops that features sporty, lightweight material and gender neutral style that aligns with the zeitgeist of the time.


Graphic prints, bold, fresh new colors are prevalent, inspired by the element of African culture and ethnicity. The brands iconic logo, the ‘lion motif’ plays central role in this collection, featured as a main element on the tank top and the slides. The name ‘Carlo Van’ is also emphasized presented all over the shirt and the sides of the track pant. This collection is being translated as cool, comfortable oozing an aura of courage and bravery portrayed by the logo.


The striking and most diverse piece of this collection has to be the ‘Calabash bag’. Incorporating the elements of culture, yet elegance to your look, this African inspired bag will make a statement wherever you go. It adds a unique touch of the African heritage in the form of an accessory to any ensemble. Designed with the best of material, it is an awesome addition to anyone’s collection. 


With the innovative fusion of African heritage and cool modern lines, this collection is promising to deliver results. Add that extra touch of panache to your wardrobe this summer, with the bold, fresh look of Carlo Van’s new collection.