5 ways to wear Carlo Van knitted beanie

5 Ways To Wear a Beanie

We all know how versatile a beanie is. While it keeps you warm, it makes you look super cute too. It's famous for adding a street style look to your outfit. There are different ways to wear that express different style preferences. Let's look at a few common ways you can rock a beanie.


#1 The Basic:
If you’re using a beanie simply for warmth, this style of wearing a beanie would be the best. Do not cuff it and simply wear it in a way that it covers your ears. Make sure the front part of the beanie rests on your forehead.

#2 Cuff It:
This beanie style would be a miracle if you are having a bad hair day and need a quick, cool fix. All you have to do is roll the beanie in a cuff and pull it down your head, in a way that it should stop halfway on your ears. This will keep your hair undercover (literally). So, even if it's a bad hair day, no one would know, and you would still look top of your game.

#3 Steve Zissou Look:
Judging by how much it has been going around, it seems that this trend is here to stay. You can either cuff or roll or cuff the beanie and let it rest on your head for a hipster look. You can let a little of your hair out for a chic look or 

#4 High Top Look:
If “I'm cool, not cold” is what you’re going for, this is it. If you're just looking to add an accessory to your outfit that gives it the street style look, then this is the ideal choice. Let it rest just above your ears and make sure it is well rounded. 

#5 The David Beckham Way:
People who want to wear a beanie more to look laidback than being war, try the David Beckham way. The beanie is worn as far back as possible with extra fabric slouching at the back. This doesn’t do much in terms of coverage, but it does look cool and carefree, no doubt about that. 
With https://carlovanclothing.com/, it’s time to upgrade your winter wardrobe with a few trending and timeless ways to easily rock a beanie. It mainly depends on what suits you best and what keeps you comfortable, so pick your favorite!